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All new sporty 2015 Audi A3

All new sporty 2015 Audi A3 is a sedan that equates to yachts, luxury cars, limousines. This is the smallest car lined up for US market. The transformation from the wagon body to a sedan took almost a year for the process. This car has incorporated online services namely a Wikipedia-based landmark channel, local fuel prices, adds apps facebook, Twitter, driver can send template posts, car can read social media updates loudly; on owners website drivers can update their social media templates.

2015 audi a3

Audi A3 2015 model has multimedia interface in addition with controller that is redesigned on the console, two toggle switches on the controller works as phone, radio, main dial on the surface integrated with touch pad system, shortcuts to routing. This model also includes voice command with some latest processing from Google. The exterior and interior of this small car is combined with ingenious plug-in hybrid power train making it the most habitable and well-organized car. His model is powered by 1.4 liter TFSI a four cylinder engine of gasoline, which is integrated with electric motor powered by 8.8 KWh lithium ion onboard battery pack under the rear seats.

Audi A3 will stroll up to 62 mph in minimum of 7.6 seconds, the acceleration numbers are in between 0-37 mph which is got by 4.9 seconds. The integration of the engine and motor totals 204 horsepower and the torque up to 258 pound, the front wheels through a six speed e- S tronic conduction work together for turning process. The special features like hatchback versatility, superior interiors with stylish dashboard design, vivid LED lighting, tuned speakers for clear music, smoothness, highest technology touch sensitive scroll wheel, excellent built quality. It comes with 4G LTE connectivity for Google map addition; it is blend of performance, luxury, futuristic technology setting a benchmark in style and innovation. Flawless head design gives it a sporty look.

New Audi A3 2015 is priced from $29,900 excluding destination charges and later in Sedan S3 and 2014 A3 Cabriolet model will be released.